When you believe in the power of God and the human spirit, you gain access to the infinite power of the universe”

Crack Of Dawn music although predominantly categorized in the Funk, Soul & RnB genres has deep roots in Reggae, Rock and other genres of Contemporary Music, including Smooth Jazz. Our writing style is as varied as our members, hailing from many Caribbean Islands, Canada & Europe. We normally present musical ideas, some close to completion and others with basic melodies to the group.The song is dissected with everyone in the group adding their idea, to create something unique, which gives us our distinct sound. When it comes to songwriting we’re a collective of all the members in the group with all songs being written and composed by Crack of Dawn. In our teens we were fortunate to sign a deal with CBS played and toured for a few years and then broke up. Fast forward many years down the road we decided to start our own label and  try again, so we could record and play our own material. It's a learning process, however so far we're enjoying every minute of it and are looking forward to recording and touring once more, this time on our terms.

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